1-25-18  7-8:00 PM 
Billy Franklin screens movie: WOMEN IN ART episode 3
1-27-18  8-9:00 PM 
KEVIN VINCAL - Dance in the vein of Jackson & Astaire
651-222-4767 for scheduling or hosting events at Music Forest Cafe  

Online since June 2014 

Open at 4:30 on performance nights, 
 in downtown Saint Paul's                          'Lowertown North' district. 

Music, food and art in a friendly, unique setting...

From the intimate Music Forest stage surrounded 
 by a grove of trees, listen to emerging and established 
 musicians play Celtic and Folk, Classical, Jazz and more.

On performance nights we offer an 'open-mic' stage before          and after scheduled performances.

Coffee, tea and a menu which includes soup, sandwiches,          pasta salad and homemade baked goods is served.

Music Forest Cafe provides a memorable, intimate environment for music, art and conversation.   Bill Hosko's original conceptual illustrations for the space are below.  With the exception of electrical and plumbing he completed the build-out himself.

Music Forest Cafe is located on the corner of East Seventh and Jackson Streets - on the border of Lowertown and "Lowertown North'.  Nearby are restaurants, taverns and Lunds grocery.  

Bill signed a ten-year lease in April 2014 with the City of Saint Paul - owner of the 'Block 19' property.  The build-out began in September 2014.  Progressing on a part-time basis until completed in September 2016. 
For nearly twenty -five years Bill has enjoyed serving his Hosko Gallery customers nearby.  Music Forest Cafe is another opportunity to serve the public, while melding the essences of a Montana cafe he created in 2008 and his favorite travel destinations, the Great Plains and northern England, his interest in art and most of all, his life-long appreciation for great music, and those who create it.  

For Musicians:
Those who enjoy playing and singing everything from Celtic and Folk to Classical, Jazz and rock are welcome.  We have an intimate stage (and adjoining green-room) reserved for you.     

For Music Forest Customers:
- An intimate environment to enjoy music, art and the company of others.  If there is no live performance, recorded music will play.  Bring your favorite CD and we may just play it.  Bring a book, knitting or an interest in doing a puzzle at a table or sit near the fireplace in a rocking chair to enjoy the surroundings.

Our Menu is 100% Vegan:
- Beverages: coffee, tea, Chai tea, juice and soda (ice tea, lemonade or cider - in season).  
- Food: homemade soup, bagel sandwiches, wraps, pasta salad and snacks.  We serve delicious homemade cupcakes, muffins and cookies
- Guests can bring or order in their own food (with a $3 cover) and non-alcoholic beverage (with a $1.50 cover).  

Overall Goal:
For Music Forest Cafe to become a co-operative - affordably owned by the people working there. Open seven days a week, 7:00 AM - midnight.  Please see the Co-Operative Draft link above for more information. 




Music Forest Cafe is located on the corner of East Seventh and Jackson Streets within the Block 19 Parking Ramp.  Photos were taken June 2014, work began September 2014.  (Note the second floor opening on left for a future skyway connection). 
June 2014: The photo above and most of those below show the general atmosphere that Bill (below) will capture in a small scale within Music Forest Cafe.
In 2008, Bill completed The Outpost Cafe (here, above and immediately below) in far northern Montana not far from his property.
One of Bill's favorites places is northern England, from Scarborough to Morcambe Bay.
Attending a McNally Smith performance in downtown St. Paul
Bill Hosko opened Hosko Gallery in downtown Saint Paul in early 1994. It is located on the skyway level within Securian Center at 400 North Robert Street.
March 2014 Concept Plans: Future exterior improvements will be an awning framework (to pick up architectural details at the 
top of the ramp) and larger signage.   A bike rack is in the works.  Some of the new planters have been installed.  
The initial interior concept plans above were created in March 2014.  The existing floor plan and interior at that time is below.  
January 2015 - Interior below after four months of detailed cleaning, prep and painting.  
After weeks of cleaning, painting and other prep work Bill stained the floor with a beautiful tile pattern and set about the framing of walls, roofs and stage area.  City requirements called for metal stud construction throughout - a daunting thought being he'd never worked with them before.  All sub-roofing and flooring needed to be fireproof as well.