Music Forest Café Co-Operative Draft:

1. If you are entrepreneurial and have Chef, Cook, Bartending and or Barista experience and a desire to own your own business, 

Music Forest Cafe may be an opportunity for you 

2. Initially, two individuals are envisioned for daytime, Monday - Friday

3. Membership in the Co-Operative is 5K per person

4. The Goal of Music Forest can be to be open 7 days a week

5. Once daytime Co-Op Members feel established, we can work towards expanding into evenings and weekends and finding additional Co-Op Members. 

6. Daytime Co-Operative Members will receive 90% of Gross Receipts and be responsible for: 

- 35% of actual lease/utility/phone costs (approximately $575 per month) beginning two months after start 

- their share of food, beverages and material costs based upon sales receipts 

their share of cleaning/general maintenance.

7. 2.5% of Gross Receipts will go into a Co-Operative Savings Account for, in part, equipment maintenance costs.  

8. The cafe founder will receive 7.5% of Gross Receipts and retain his name on the lease until its expiration on June 1, 2024. At that time, Co-Op Members can decide how to proceed with a lease renewal, including having the founder sign a new lease.

9. The founder will remain a help-mate to Co-Op Members in all areas as needed.

10. The Menu will be designed by Co-Op Members collectively.  Adding Beer and Wine in the nearer future is envisioned.  

The above information is a draft outline. The final Music Forest Café Co-Operative document will be created in partnership by initial Co-Operative Members and the cafe's founder.