Dec 13, 6-9:00 PM 'Urban Journal Night'
The 'Spoke Word Club' - Special Needs folks will share musical performances, spoken word and a little Karaoke
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Uploaded March 12, 2017

In downtown Saint Paul's                 
'Lowertown North' district

Initial Music Forest Café Co-Operative Draft:

1. If you are entrepreneurial and have Chef, Cook, Bar and or Barista experience and a desire to own your own business, 

Music Forest Cafe may be an opportunity for you 

2. Initially, two individuals are needed daytime, Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM - 2:30 PM (begin prep at 6:30 AM)

3. Membership in the Co-Operative is 5K per person

4. The Goal of Music Forest is to be open 7 days a week, 7:00 AM - Midnight

5. Once daytime Members feel established, together we will work towards seeking individuals who want to own additional shifts (Ideally, 5-6 total positions which will allow for work flexibility among members when time off from their regular work schedules is needed or for the trading of shifts if desired) 

6. Daytime Co-Operative Members will receive 90% of their Gross Receipts and be responsible for: 

- 35% of actual lease/utility/phone costs (approximately $575 per month (yes, only $575) and beginning two months after start) 

- their share of food, beverages and material costs based upon sales receipts (10-30% based on current Menu items)

their share of cleaning/general maintenance

7. The Music Forest Café founder will receive 10% of Gross Receipts (2.5% of which will be contractually placed into a Co-Operative Savings Account. All equipment repair/replacement costs will come from this savings account.  If costs beyond what may be available in this account are unavailable, Founder will be responsible until at which time he can be compensated from Savings Account at a later date)

8. The Founder will retain his name on the lease, which expires in 7 years on June 1, 2024 (nearer that time Co-Operative Members can decide how to proceed with a lease renewal, including having the Founder sign a new lease) 

9. The Founder will remain a help-mate in all areas as needed, including: maintenance, displays, promotion efforts (including special event: dinners, meetings, parties and ceremonies) and booking talent

10. Our Menu will be designed by Members collectively.  If desired, Beer and Wine can be an evening option for Members to decide on.  

The above information is a draft outline, the final Music Forest Café Co-Operative document will be a detailed document drafted in partnership, by Music Forest Cafe's Founder and initial Music Forest Café Co-Operative Members and in a manner all Partners in Music Forest Cafe are agreeable

Thank you